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Copy editor, structural editor, proofreader and writer Maureen Lee


My name is Maureen Lee and Cushion Editing Services is my company. The services I provide include copy editing, structural editing, proofreading and writing.

For over 20 years I worked full-time as an editor at the New Zealand Parliament, editing text on a wide range of subjects. My duties included copy editing, proofreading, fact-checking and checking formatting. I developed editing style, wrote style guides and training material, and trained people to be editors.

I can quickly get to grips with any subject so that I can edit copy on it.

I edit any writing in English, including fiction, memoirs, historical works, websites, reports, family histories, training material, curricula, transcripts and indexes.

I look forward to working with you.

  • Member (Professional) of IPEd (Australasian Institute of Professional Editors)
  • English degree from the University of Auckland
  • Qualified tutor of English as a second language
  • Experienced editor of text for people whose first language is not English
  • Experienced editor of text that includes words and phrases in Te Reo
  • 15% discount for members of the New Zealand Society of Authors (PEN NZ).

  • Testimonials

    I recently had the pleasure, as well as the good fortune, of utilising Maureen Lee of Cushion Editing to edit my autobiography. I found her work to not only be very accurate and precise, with an emphasis on pertinent, relevant facts, but also provided an uncanny ability to think laterally. So to ensure any reader, a well informed, easily understood read. I am indebted to her.

    (Name withheld)

    I found Maureen’s editing of my manuscript very thorough. She even researched the Maori words, checking they were written in the correct way for the story. She would question why I wrote things, then present different viewpoints for me to consider. This allowed me to push my thinking even wider. She would make me think about what I had written, and by re-writing or changing a sentence or paragraph it would sound even better. Yes, I can say it was totally worth having my book edited by Maureen.

    Raewyn Anderson

    Maureen edited my manuscript ‘A Lighthouse Keeper’s Cookbook – Stories and recipes from New Zealand lighthouses.’ It has now been accepted by a publisher. I had written the book over twenty years which clouded my mindset. The editing process was thorough in the extreme. Maureen sorted it all. Numerous emails passed to and fro to confirm facts and style. I recommended her to a friend who has also had his book accepted by a publisher. I have no hesitation in saying this is the go-to lady for any writing editing.

    Paul Trevethick   A Lighthouse Keeper’s Cookbook 

    I have recently had a manuscript approved for publication as a direct result of using the editing services of Maureen Lee at Cushion Editing. I had rewritten the manuscript many times over many years and there was some interest in it, but it needed the finishing touch that I as a writer found overwhelming. Maureen’s coherent thinking, meticulous attention to detail, and her ability to sympathise with the story and my writing style, coached me through the final process. I needed a “third eye” and got it. My publishers told me that apart from a few comma changes the manuscript was good to go. Now we have a writing relationship, Maureen is also working with me on a sequel.

    (Name withheld)

    I am a mom of 5. I  left university 15 years ago, I went back into it recently to update my self. but I had issues, in translating my ideas into my essay assignment. Its really frustrating when you have brilliant ideas but the formation of words is not there. So out of frustration, I googled editing services and cushion editing pops up. So I contacted Maureen. This was the best decision I have ever made. Maureen transformed my average essay to an A+. She went beyond her way to make sure that the content and editing is in line. She is so up to date with any type issues. She is able to tackle any type of editing. She really cares about my work, and would not stop correcting it until we are both satisfied. Maureen is the best editor ever.

    (Name withheld)

    Maureen has provided high-quality comprehensive editing services for our organisation across a variety of products. Often the parameters of the work have changed and we have become very appreciative of Maureen’s flexible and agile approach to meeting our needs.

    (Name withheld)

    Having worked alongside Maureen for 20 years in a demanding publishing environment, I can vouch for her excellent editing and proofreading knowledge and expertise. Her work on screen was always accurate and timely in what was a pressured environment. Maureen has been involved in computerised publishing systems and is a great self-manager.

    (Name withheld)

    Are you looking for an excellent editor? I can recommend Maureen Lee of Cushion Editing Services. Maureen has always given me excellent feedback, asking careful questions so she understood what it is I am trying to say and explaining why changes need to be made to my documents.

    Wynne Price, formerly Clerk Assistant (Reporting Services), Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives, New Zealand Parliament


    Why use an Editor?

    You write because you have something you want to communicate. Poor writing can make it difficult for your readers to understand what you are saying. Spelling mistakes and typos are a distraction. Factual errors make you lose credibility.

    By using my services you can be confident that your writing is

    • clear
    • concise
    • accurate
    • consistent in style and formatting.

    And I will make sure your writing uses language appropriate for your readers.

    The services of an editor provide you with a safety net – a cushion.

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    Recent Clients

    diary of a young New Zealander who travelled to the Antarctic with Captain Scott on the ship Discovery 1901-03

    author of a story of ‘love, friendship, betrayal, adventure and the power of matakite’

    truck driver writing a ‘true tale of a life on the road, leading to an enlightenment and a self-consciousness of what “life” truly honestly is’

    author of children’s book, a sequel to Awatea’s Treasure

    a company’s KiwiBuild proposal, involving several technical documents in different formats, done to a tight timeframe

    Huia Publishers structural and copy edit of young adult manuscript

    Institute of Directors in New Zealand: review of training material (multiple documents over several formats)

    MBA student’s property development project: editing and fact-checking

    Institute of Directors in New Zealand: report writing (12 reports), including some Te Reo words and phrases

    builder putting together a Look Book and TradeMe advertisement

    author of The Compleat Guide to HMS New Zealand

    Institute of Directors in New Zealand: report writing (100-plus reports)

    tertiary student writing report on sugar tax

    author of 80,000-word love story

    author of children’s book Awatea’s Treasure

    tertiary student writing a report on waste reduction at building sites

    author of an editorial for a medical publication

    author of memoir / recipe book A Lighthouse Keeper’s Cookbook

    Institute of Directors in New Zealand: editing multiple training documents