Cushion Editing Services

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Why use an Editor?

You write because you have something you want to communicate. Poor writing can make it difficult for your readers to understand what you are saying. Spelling mistakes and typos are a distraction. Factual errors make you lose credibility.

By using my services you can be confident that your writing is

  • clear
  • concise
  • accurate
  • consistent in style and formatting.

And I will make sure your writing uses language appropriate for your readers.

The services of an editor provide you with a safety net – a cushion.

Sara Donaldson of Northern Editorial on why copy editing is important to good writing:
Copy Editors Matter

Here is a recent article written by someone who knows the value of a good editor:
The Better Angels of Our Writing

John E McIntyre of the Baltimore Sun writes about what proper editing is:
What they think about when they are editing

This op-ed piece from The New York Times explains the effect that using the passive voice can have:
How Texas Teaches History

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